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Around 4% of Minnesotans identify as LGBTQIA+. Majority of LGBTQIA+ Minnesotans identify as white, while the rest identifies as people of color. Many of the LGBTQIA+ Minnesotans are located within the Twin Cities or in rural areas.


About 83% of LGBTQIA+ Minnesotans identify as white, while about 17% of LGBTQIA+ Minnesotans identify as people of color. Majority of people apart of the LGBTQIA+ community are able to speak english, but may also speak other language(s).

Medical Care:

About 6-7% of LGBTQIA+ Minnesotans don’t have health insurance. People of color in the LGBTQIA+ community are uninsured at twice the rate as white LGBTQIA+ people. LGBTQIA+ people of color also have a higher rate of being insured through public insurance, compared to white LGBTQIA+ people.

LGBTQIA+ people have a higher chance of many medical complications. Some medical complications that may occur are; HIV/STIs, obesity, cancer, and more.

Medical Barriers:

The lack of financial help through their healthcare provider may be a barrier towards not getting checked up regularly or as needed. Some LGBTQIA+ people may also be discriminated against by doctors or healthcare providers for identifying as LGBTQIA+. This may cause a lack of care towards LGBTQIA+ people, leading to a strain between LGBTQIA+ people and healthcare workers. 

Social Hierarchy:

As the same-sex marriage became legal in states all over America, more people that identifies as LGBTQIA+ have come out. This has caused a lot of controversy about if it is acceptable in society or not. Many LGBTQIA+ people have faced rejection, but as time went on, they may have been accepted by their loved ones. Although everyone is subject to their own opinion and beliefs, society has slowly increased their acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community. 


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