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A Trauma-Informed Approach to Enhancing Mental Health Support for Immigrants & Refugees

Building Connections Many immigrants and refugees struggle may struggle with finding quality mental health. There may also be a lack of culturally competent mental health care providers who understand the unique care immigrants and refugees need. Some barriers to mental health care may also include stigma, financial barriers, acculturation stress, a preference for non-clinical treatments, and a lack of trust in mental health care services. By creating a more diverse

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Barriers To Mental Healthcare In BIPOC Communities

BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People Of Color) communities often encounter barriers when seeking access to mental healthcare. Due to systematic racism, discrimination, and lack of culturally competent health care providers, many BIPOC individuals may be reluctant to seek help. Economic inequality limits financial resources, making mental health services inaccessible. With a shortage of mental health care providers that understand the unique challenges BIPOC individuals face, effective treatment and quality mental

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Books And E-Books For Children And Families

EDUCATE THE YOUTH Books and E books both serve a possibility to contribute to dismantling racism and hate. Books for family and children can offer different perspectives, encourage youth to ask questions, and encourage families to nurture a diverse view. Books and E-Books introduce cultural difference to young developing minds, teaching them inclusivity from and early age. Children are impacted by race from an early age, even as early as

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How Other Countries Deal With Mental Health

Mental Health impacts everyone regardless of distance. Different cultures, communities and countries all have different ways of dealing with mental health issues. Some cultures have sacred chants, practices and meditations they use to deal with mental health issues, while others may use forms of exercise, guidance from spiritual leaders and medicines. Regardless of location, mental health is something we should all keep in mind.  For this discussion we will highlight

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