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Books And E-Books For Children And Families


Books and E books both serve a possibility to contribute to dismantling racism and hate. Books for family and children can offer different perspectives, encourage youth to ask questions, and encourage families to nurture a diverse view. Books and E-Books introduce cultural difference to young developing minds, teaching them inclusivity from and early age. Children are impacted by race from an early age, even as early as 3 months old. A baby’s brain can notice racial differences in people around them from 3 months up. Children can pick up stereotypes about race at age 2 and they may express fear. At age 4 children can express bias about race by teasing other children, and by 8 years old they are aware of social norms and can express bias in even more subtle forms. By age 12 many children become set in their biases which influences their worldview.


  • Books can create a means of reflection for youth to ponder on their own identity
  • Books can serve as a possibility to contribute to ending racism
  • Books can bring culture and diversity
  • Exposing children to diversity helps children of all backgrounds


Parents have nearly 10 years of a childs life to intervene, teaching them cultural difference and diversity. By teaching the youth early on in life, biases can be eliminated and they can grow to become loving and accepting individuals in society.



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