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Mental health in Mandarin Chinese: a starter kit for dialogue

Mental health is quite personal, multifaceted, complex, and this holds true to each individual. In some Chinese households mental health is not a casual conversation topic, which may make it more difficult for certain individuals who struggle with mental health to ask for help. Bilingual children who speak Chinese at home and English in school may also run into hindrance when searching for the right words to express themselves, which

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A Trauma-Informed Approach to Enhancing Mental Health Support for Immigrants & Refugees

Building Connections Many immigrants and refugees struggle may struggle with finding quality mental health. There may also be a lack of culturally competent mental health care providers who understand the unique care immigrants and refugees need. Some barriers to mental health care may also include stigma, financial barriers, acculturation stress, a preference for non-clinical treatments, and a lack of trust in mental health care services. By creating a more diverse

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Why Asian American Mental Health Matters

STATISTICS AAPI Asian Americans in the United States have experienced racism alongside many other non-white individuals. Racism in the United States is fueled by white supremacy, and this form of racism has woven itself into the very fabric of American society and culture. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven many hidden racists out of their dens, rises in anti-Asian hate crimes have fueled violence and fear towards Asian Americans. Because of

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How Other Countries Deal With Mental Health

Mental Health impacts everyone regardless of distance. Different cultures, communities and countries all have different ways of dealing with mental health issues. Some cultures have sacred chants, practices and meditations they use to deal with mental health issues, while others may use forms of exercise, guidance from spiritual leaders and medicines. Regardless of location, mental health is something we should all keep in mind.  For this discussion we will highlight

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