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Battling Anti-Asian Hate

What is a hate crime? Hates crimes are crimes that are targeted towards people as a result of their race, gender, religion, disability etc. Hate crimes are typically motivated by prejudice, resulting in violence. STRUCTURE Many Asian Americans have been victim of hate crimes, and with the COVID-19 pandemic racism towards Asian Americans came out of its hiding to show its ugliness. Racism is a disease that takes over its

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The impact of anti-Asian racism on routine activities and mental health among Korean American older adults and their caregivers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic the escalated incidence of hate crimes towards Asian American individuals and their communities has escalated causing, anxiety, fear, and vulnerability. Anti-Asian racism has had a significant impact on Asian-American senior adults and their caregivers in many ways. Typical daily routines have become difficult, as the constant threat of discrimination, or violence has become large. Heightened levels of stress has lead to fear, anxiety, depression, and social

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