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Battling Anti-Asian Hate

What is a hate crime? Hates crimes are crimes that are targeted towards people as a result of their race, gender, religion, disability etc. Hate crimes are typically motivated by prejudice, resulting in violence.


Many Asian Americans have been victim of hate crimes, and with the COVID-19 pandemic racism towards Asian Americans came out of its hiding to show its ugliness. Racism is a disease that takes over its host, turning them into living, walking, and breathing hate. To battle the hate we must fight with education, love and non-violence. We must encourage others to expand their hearts, views, minds and foster cultural awareness. Our communities, and our community leaders can help by highlighting the many major contributions of Asian Americans which dismantles harmful stereotypes. Some Asian American businesses have been targeted, communities have been targeted, temples and individuals have been targeted by racists. As a diverse community, it is important we continue to unite, promote peace and fight hate with love.


  • Violence towards Asian Americans has risen since the start of the pandemic in 2020
  • A total of 10,905 racist incidents towards Asian Americans took place from 3\19\2020-12\31\2021
  • Hate incidents reported by women make up 61.8% of all reports
  • Chinese Americans reported the most hate incidents of all ethnic groups at 42.8%


Hate can be eradicated by love, education, awareness and appreciation. By sharing cultures, learning new things and expanding the mind we build a strong diverse refuge that hate can not destroy. Having open discussions in safe spaces about race, identity and culture brings opportunities for expanded views and learning. These topics may make people uncomfortable however it is important to address.



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