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Tobacco, The Leading Cause Of Death


Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. With its addictive nature, it has caused many to embrace its use, leaving tobacco users with numerous health concerns. Billions of individuals across the globe have become addicted to nicotine, some use it to cope with stress or mental illness, while others use it out of addictive and obsessive habit. Around 8 million people are killed by tobacco use across the globe and around 7 million killed by its direct use, 1.3 million deaths are non-smokers who die from second hand smoke. It is an affliction that goes beyond borders, painting a grim reality of an epidemic while prevention remains essential for a healthier world.


There is no safe amount of tobacco, all forms of it are harmful to the body.

  • Tobacco kills almost half of its users
  • 8 million people are killed each year by tobacco use, 1.3 million die from second hand smoke and are non smokers.
  • Roughly 80% of the 1.3 billions global tobacco users live in low income and middle income countries
  • 22.3% of the worlds population used tobacco in 2020, 36.7% being men, 7.8% were women.
  • The World Health Organization or (WHO) has addressed the tobacco epidemic by adopting conventions on tobacco control in 2003. 182 countries participate in the treaty.
  • WHO MPOWER measures are also in line with WHO Framework Convention and its been shown to save lives, and reduce averted costs of healthcare expenditure.


Tobacco in any form is not safe, its use has been shown to be deadly. Nicotine addiction plagues billions across the world, affecting youth, adults, and even non-smokers. Tobacco use has reached an epidemic level, affecting people in many countries. With better education on the deadly risks associated with tobacco and more prevention strategies there may be a chance to curb tobacco use.



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