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Behavioral Health Equity Best Practices for African Americans

On monday, February 5th, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA), Office of Behavioral Health Equity, held the Behavioral Health Equity Best Practices for African Americans. SAMHSA’s Division of Children and School Mental, Mental Health Promotion Branch, Suicide Prevention Branch, and the 988 & Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office were a part of this collaboration webinar. Quality health care and resources to quality health care are a basic human right

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What to Do When You Have No Motivation

A lack of motivation can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to overcome. Being unmotivated may hinder our progress on goals, work, and daily responsibilities. If you are dealing with being unmotivated take a step back, and find the origin of why you’re unmotivated, after observing the reasons you can then work out a helpful strategy to regain motivation. Take note that one strategy may not work for everyone, it may

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18 Effective Stress Relief Strategies

Stress is a part of life and can arise at any point. Learning to integrate stress relief strategies into one’s daily life can help reduce stress when it storms in. We may not always be able to control life as it unfolds, however we do have control over one thing, and that is our response to stress. Stress can also become chronic, which can take a toll on your mental

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How to Fit Meditation Into Your Day

Our lives are often quite busy, even chaotic, and sometimes it seems impossible to find that peaceful state with everything going on. Learning how to take time for your mental health and fit meditation into your daily routine can be of great benefit. In this blog post you will learn how to fit meditation into your daily routine. “Meditation should not be seen as a temporary break, but rather a

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