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The most common language amongst the Hmong are Hmong (Hmong Green and Hmong White) and English. They are also able to speak Lao and other languages.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

About 13% of Hmong don’t have health insurance. Some medical barriers Hmong face are genetics, spiritual beliefs, and unable to understand English proficiently (typically Hmong Elders or immigrants). Hmong believes that illnesses have spiritual or physical causes. Hmong believes in performing healing ceremonies to recover from their sickness, or take natural herbs.

Social Hierarchy:

Hmong are very close to their families and relatives. They often have large family gatherings to celebrate holidays or just to hangout. The Hmong elders are very well respected are are expected to support and guide their family. The father is usually dominant over the women and children..


Many Hmong have adapted the American fast-food lifestyle, causing many medical complications. Hmong usually incorporates rice, meat and vegetables in their typical meal. Hmong enjoys cooking traditional dishes such as Hmong Sweet Pork, Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup, and Fawm Kauv.

Life Expectancy:

The average life expectancy for Hmong people are 76.7 years.


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