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Many Laotian are able to speak Lao. They also can speak English and other languages.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

About 7% of Laotian don’t have healthcare. Some barriers Laotian experience are; language, genetic race, and cultural belief barriers. Laotian believe that the body imbalance causes health complications. The sicknesses may also be brought by spirits to punish a person. Laotian depend on the use of herbal and spiritual solutions to solve their medical problems.

Social Hierarchy:

The typical home of a Laotian family is a multigenerational house. The father has the most responsibility over protecting his family and in decision-making. The mother often stays home to take care of their children, while the father works. The grandparents also helped take care of their grandchildren and helped with house work.


Many Laotian has adapted to the American Fast-Food diet, but many still cook traditional Laotian dishes in their homes. Majority of Laotian dishes consist of rice, fish or meat, and vegetables. Some traditional Laotian dishes include; Kaipen, Khao Jee, and Khao Poon.

Life Expectancy:

The average life expectancy of Laotian is 65.8 years old.


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