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Marijuana use among youth and young adults is an increasingly growing issue. Many youth and young adults may think it’s safe to use and use it without thinking about the side effects it can have on ones health, and in ones life. Research has suggested that 30 percent of users may develop some problem use with marijuana, which can also lead to addiction and dependency. Long term marijuana use can also lead to mental health issues, and hinder progress in education as well as slow down performance in work and everyday life. It’s important to educate the youth and young adults about the risks and side effects associated with marijuana use, and in doing so we build healthy and safe communities, as well as encourage the youth to not abuse drugs so that they can become succesful in society.

Reasons to consider stopping marijuana use

  • Long term use can lead to mental health issues
  • Regularly smoking marijuana can possibly cause issues with the lungs and heart
  • High levels of THC in marijuana can lead to addiction
  • Regular marijuana use lowers IQ in teens
  • Marijuana is the most common drug involved in auto fatalities
  • Marijuana can worsen symptoms in individuals with schizophrenia
  • Using marijuana can reduce thinking, memory and learning

Preventing marijuana use amongst the youth and young adults is an important public health goal. Parents, teachers and caregivers can help by having open and honest conversations about the negative impacts marijuana use has on health, learning and life. Promoting positive coping mechanisms and healthy alternatives to using drugs can prevent youth from self medicating and can help them to stay focused and continue building healthier habits in their lives.



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