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Neurologic Manifestations of Chronic Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine addiction is a devastating and complex condition that can have a profoundly negative effect on individuals and communities. Distinguished by the uncontrollable and compulsive use of methamphetamine, this addiction hijacks the brains reward system, which leads to an intense craving for the drug and a destructive cycle of dependence. Meth addiction not only causes severe mental health and physical health deterioration but also wreaks havoc on relationships, employment and overall well-being.

Meth has been one of the drugs that has had the greatest impact on individuals in the practice of psychiatry. Meth is an extremely addictive drug who’s chronic use can cause severe mental health damage. Chronic meth users have insufficient memory, higher rates of anxiety, depression, and also psychosis. Many meth users may come to the attention of a psychiatrist or psychologist from the chronic use of the substance, and from the significant damage on mental health which leads to psychosis.



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