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Mental Health Resources For Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Since the covid 19 pandemic many AAPI individuals have experienced higher rates of racism, discrimination and xenophobia. Many AAPI individuals experienced a complex range of emotions from stress to PTSD. Below is a list of resources compiled for your ease, dont hesitate to reach out and seek support if you are in need of specialized mental health care.

Impact of anti Asian racism on AAPI mental health.

The discrimination, violence, and harassment has a serious impact on the mental health and personal well being of AAPI individuals. Researchers have found that in one study 42% of those individuals who experienced discrimination had anxiety symptoms, and 30% had depression symptoms, and 39% had symptoms of traumatic stress. As we can see, it is crucial for proper mental health resources to be easily accessible in the AAPI communities.

Mental Health Resources:


The increase in racism has negatively impacted AAPI individuals and communities, causing a range of mental health concerns for each person, and for the community. It’s important for the AAPI communities to have proper mental health resources, and easy access to these resources, for the improvement and well-being of the community and each individual affected by hate related mental health disorders.



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