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Marijuana Use Amongst Teens

Marijuana use amongst teens has become a popular social practice. Many teenagers are at a stage of exploration in life, exploring and learning new things, as well as taking new risks. Some of these behaviors can be positive and benefit a health lifestyle, however others, such as substance abuse can lead one down a path towards addiction.

The Numbers

There was an estimated 30% of high schoolers who used marijuana in 2019, 22% reported marijuana use in the past 30 days. In 2020 marijuana vaping use stayed steady, with increases in 2018 and 2019. Many middle and high schoolers reported marijuana vaping usage in the past year, 8% of use was among 8th graders, 19% among 10th graders, and 22% among 12th graders.

The Facts

The teenage brain does not finish growing until age 25, during these growing years the brain can easily damaged from substance abuse and addiction, harming the growing brain. The negative effects of marijuana on teens consist of:

  • Challenges in thinking and problem solving
  • Challenges with memory and learning
  • Difficulty with coordination
  • Having a hard time keeping attention
  • Challenges in social life and in school


Marijuana has shown to lead to addiction and this may lead to abuse and addiction to other illegal substances as well. Drug abuse has a major negative impact on developing minds, and addiction can lead young people down a very unhealthy path in the world. It is important to remind the youth of how a healthy lifestyle builds the foundations for success and wellness, and lead by setting an example. Continuing to educate and raise awareness of the risks associated with marijuana use may help in preventing marijuana abuse and addiction amongst the youth.



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