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Mental Health

Mental health encompasses our emotional and psychological well-being. Mental health affects how we relate to others, live in society, make decisions and react. Our mental health is important for overall health, and with good mental health we live a more balanced and healthy quality of life. Improving our self care strategies and getting treatment for mental illness can be supportive in times of recovery. 

What Is Self Care 

Self care means doing things that improve our lives, helps us to relax and let go of stress. To practice self care means that you are taking time to focus on your mental health through relaxing activities such as playing a musical instrument, reading a book, spending time with friends, walking in nature, or picking up a new hobby like painting. Studies have shown the many health benefits of art and how it improves mental health. Health care practices are enjoyable and relaxing and should not feel like a chore or bring stress or depression. 

Self Care Strategies:

  • Getting enough exercise 
  • Eating a healthy and well balanced diet
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Practicing relaxing techniques and activities 
  • Making goals
  • Being grateful
  • Focusing on positivity 
  • Keeping a healthy social life    

Everyone’s self care techniques may be a bit different, it’s important that we do whatever brings us joy and happiness. Self care practices may not be a cure for mental illness however, it is certainly a healthy practice that can improve the quality of life that nurtures mindfulness and joy. Don’t forget that if you are struggling with mental illness and find that it is impacting your daily life performance, seek help from a trained mental health professional or call 988 fo free confidential mental health support.



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