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Marijuana Detox

Countless people think that marijuana is harmless or doesn’t have risks. This belief is untrue, marijuana use is associated with some risks to ones health and can lead to addiction and marijuana dependency. Although it has been legalized in many states, it is still a substance that can lead to addiction and affect brain development, mental and physical health. Some of the side effects of its use include hallucinations, an increased appetite, heightened perception, distrust in others, and panic. Once an individual reaches the point of dependence (when the body is used to a substance and cant function without it) addiction is not far away. It’s important that one is mindful of ones health, cutting back on substance abuse before the body becomes dependent.


It may be a good idea to decide wether you want to start detox in a treatment facility or at home. If you’re at a treatment facility you will have the support of trained professionals, and prevent the chance of relapsing. Marijuana detox is the first step a marijuana user can take on the road to recover from addiction. During the detox withdrawal symptoms may be severe in some individuals and less severe in others. The withdrawal symptoms all depends on many factors such as age and how long the individual was using marijuana, or how frequent an individual uses. It may be helpful to seek treatment for long-term care after detoxing. Some treatment options include:

  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • MET or Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • CM or Contingency Management

Keeping a healthy lifestyle, staying productive and having good support from family and professionals can help on the journey to recovery.



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