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The Risks Of THC OIL

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in oil form is one of the most popular methods of use among youth and adults, however using it in oil form also poses potentially serious health risks that should be considered. Due to the concentrated nature of THC oils, it’s very likely to use it in excess which can lead to paranoia, hallucinations and anxiety. Because of the delay in onset symptoms, some individuals may use more than intended which can lead to adverse effects. Long term use of THC oil has lead to cognitive decline, dependency and the risk of addiction. Vitamin E acetate is often added to THC oil when its being prepared for use in e-cigarette or vapes, and is also damaging to lungs when inhaled. The dangers of vaping were brought to light in 2019 when health officials were investigating an outbreak of severe lung disease associated with vapes and e-cigarette use. Its been estimated that about 2,561 deaths and hospitalizations were directly linked to EVALI (E-cigar and vaping Associated Lung Injury).


  • THC oil use can lead to cognitive decline
  • THC oil use can lead to severe lung disease and even death
  • THC oil use can lead to increased heart rate
  • THC oil use can lead to paranoia and marijuana-induced psychosis


The CDC recommends avoiding use of all vape and e-cigarette substances, especially those with added THC. Because of its psychoactive properties it can lead to decline in ones health, cognitive abilities and everyday performance. It is important to seek help by talking to your health care provider on finding a treatment that is right for you.



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