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Reducing Marijuana Use

Cannabis use has become a popular drug of choice, it’s commonly used as a recreational drug for its psychoactive properties. The active compounds delta-9 Tetrahydrocannbinol (THC) and Cannabidiol CBD interact with brain receptors, which results in altered perceptions, relaxation or the feeling of being high. While cannabis is becoming more legally accepted for recreational and medicinal use, it’s still important to know the potential health risks involved with its use. It’s important to keep open communication about health risks involved with cannabis use, promote healthy coping skills, and educate people on both the legal and medicinal implications.

Strategic Pillars

  • monitor trends in cannabis use
  • advance research
  • build state, local, and territorial capacity
  • support healthcare systems and providers
  • partner with public safety, schools, and community coalitions
  • improve public knowledge and awareness

Tips to reduce cannabis use

  • Regular or heavy smokers can reduce the number of times per day they smoke and then the number of days per week. If you would like to stop, continue the pattern above until you have ceased your use.
  • Set reachable goals…then accomplish those goals…set more goals…Accomplish those goals…repeat.
  • Use marijuana recreationally like you may use other drugs such as alcohol
  • Switch to a different method of use: if you dab try a one-hitter; if you smoke a bowl try edibles, etc.
  • Put yourself on a budget: only allow so many $ to go towards your marijuana purchasing per month
  • Seek support or assistance if you feel you need help in reducing or stopping your use


It is crucial to have open communication and discussion on how cannabis impacts health, how it can be used in medicine, and how its abuse can impact community and individuals physical and mental health. Educating community through campaigns to raise awareness about cannabis, and having more substance abuse treatment for those who have cannabis dependency can greatly reduce the risk of cannabis addiction.



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