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Bidis: Health Risks and How to Quit

There are numerous health risks associated with smoking, and Bidis are also no exception to this. These little filterless tobacco filled cigarettes are hand rolled using tendu or temburni leaf (Diospyros melanoxylon). The leaf is manufactured in India and other Asian countries and has been used and exported for centuries. Tobacco workers in India were the first to create Bidis by using left over tobacco filler and rolling it in leaves. These hand rolled cigarettes are often flavored with spices and different flavorings making it appealing to youth. It is important to note that Bidis are NOT a safe alternative to cigarettes.


  • Bidis are filterless cigarettes that are hand rolled using tendu\ temburni leaf.
  • Bidis contain 3-5 times more nicotine than cigarettes.
  • Bidis contain more tar and carbon monoxide than cigarettes.
  • Due to not having added chemicals for combustion, smokers inhale higher levels of toxins.
  • Smokers who smoke Bidis have 3 times higher risk of cardiovascular heart related issues.


Although there is an organic appeal to smoking Bidis, they are still dangerous and pose many health risks, some of which are even higher than for those who smoke cigarettes. Because of the added flavoring agents and different spices, youth may also find smoking Bidis as cool. It’s important to remind the youth not to smoke cigarettes or Bidi’s, and that even being organic, they are still toxic and pose a multitude of health risks to its users.



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