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The Truth About Smoking Pleasure and Nicotine Addiction

Many smokers find quitting challenging because of the pleasure smoking brings for them. Some say that it’s about the ritual of lighting and taking a puff, others say that smoking calms their nerves and removes stress. Regardless of the satisfying effects, smoking does still raise concerns for health. In this blog post we will list the reasons why smoking feels satisfying.

“Nicotine triggers the release of pleasure hormones in the brain, causing one to feel happy smoking. Smoking is also a habit. Despite the pleasure derived from this activity, smoking is harmful—even dangerous—to one’s health. Quitting smoking for good is possible through a variety of mechanisms, including making a plan, getting support, and using aids.”


Smoking tricks the mind into believing that smoking is pleasurable, leading to a craving for more nicotine. Nicotine releases the “feel good” hormone Dopamine which is why smokers find pleasure in smoking. Smokers live in a constant state of nicotine withdrawal, because the craving is never fully satisfied. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can begin around 30 minutes after smoking. This. leads to a stronger craving for another smoke to lessen the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.


It is possible to quit, making a plan can be very handy on the journey of smoking cessation. Below, verywellmind has compiled a great quit smoking list for your convenience.

An effective plan to quit smoking includes:

  • Choosing a quit date
  • Deciding how to quit
  • Getting rid of all tobacco products
  • Looking at past quit attempts to determine what worked and what didn’t
  • Telling friends and family about quitting

Remember to never give up! Quitting smoking may seem difficult, and for some it really can be. With the right determination, focus, and practice you’ll be able to say goodbye to smoking for good. If you are struggling with quitting on your own there are resources available that can help, reach out to your health care provider for support as well.



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