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How to Get Out of a Funk

Lots of us have been in a funk before, this means that we feel some sadness or unmotivated. This is totally normal to the human experience and can encourage us even to focus more on our mental health. You may even not feel like yourself, or feel like life is going how you want it to go. Good news is that being in a funk does not last forever, this feeling passes on its own usually and that does not mean you have to stay there either. In this blog post we will share some helpful ways to get out of that funk.

What Does It Mean To Be in A Funk

  • You feel sad for hours or days on end
  • You don’t want to do anything that you usually enjoy
  • It’s hard to engage with others
  • You want to stay in comfy clothes like pajamas or sweats
  • Watching tv or otherwise entertaining yourself passively feels like the only thing you’re up for
  • Eating is less enjoyable than usual; alternately, you may want to eat lots of comfort foods
  • You feel slowed down, like you’re swimming through mud in order to walk
  • It’s challenging to do your job
  • Life feels hopeless

It’s perfectly normal to occasionally land in a funk, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. So if you’re in one, know that it’s ok! You’ve done nothing wrong. Acknowledge to yourself that this is where you’re at. Recognition and acknowledgement are key to moving past anything.

Verywell Mind

Knowing the difference between being in a funk and being depressed is important. If you know what you’re feeling, and even the origins of these feelings, you will be able to better resolve them and get back on track. If you’re feeling a bit down or in a funk being active is helpful, or even picking up a new art, or just trying something new. Sometimes all we need is a bit of change in order to set us back on our path. If you feel that you’re dealing with depression its always helpful to reach out to your health care provider, they can professionally offer best treatment options for you. Regardless of the storm we are faced with never forget that the sun is on the other side.

Mental Health Vocabulary in Mandarin

  • 健康 (Jian kang) – Health
  • 心 (Xin) – heart
  • 朋友 (Peng you) – Friend
  • 焦虑 ( Jiao lu) – Anxiety
  • 压力 (Ya li) – Stress



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