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10 Tips for When You Quit Smoking

When you’re prepared to kick the smoking habit, there are numerous strategies to aid you in staying committed to your objectives. We’re all aiming for this cessation attempt to be the one that truly endures—a lifelong victory over nicotine dependence. As we extinguish that final cigarette and embark on our journey towards healing, our ultimate goal is lasting liberation. Crafting a solid plan, practicing self-compassion, and cultivating a positive mindset are invaluable. Equally crucial is prioritizing self-care, steering clear of other detrimental habits, and mastering effective stress management techniques.

A little preparation can help you get into the mindset to quit smoking and line up some tools to better manage the first week to 10 days after your last cigarette, which according to the American Lung Association, will be the hardest.

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Helpful Quit Smoking Tips

  • Have a Plan
  • Talk to Your Doctor
  • Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Be Patient
  • Focus on the Present
  • Stay Positive About Your Progress
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Find Ways to Manage Stress
  • Ask for Help
  • Stick With It
  • Keep Up Your Motivation

Embarking on the journey to quit smoking is a process best approached one day at a time. With each passing day, what may initially seem daunting transforms into a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor, gradually evolving from a burdensome task into a gratifying challenge.

A recent study, sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, reveals that smoking contributes to 6,530 deaths each year. This finding underscores the urgency of addressing smoking-related issues, especially in the context of Minnesota’s tobacco flavor ban.



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