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Cannabis and Mental Health

Cannabis use can lead to disorientation, anxiety, and paranoia. People who use cannabis are at a higher risk of developing psychosis, which includes hallucinations and paranoia, and long-term mental disorders such as schizophrenia. This risk is especially pronounced in individuals who begin using cannabis at a young age and use it frequently. Additionally, cannabis use is linked to depression, social anxiety, and increased thoughts of suicide, including attempts. Prioritizing mental health and being aware of these potential risks can help make informed decisions about cannabis use.

Key Points by CDC

  • Cannabis use can cause disorientation and sometimes unpleasant thoughts or feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

It’s essential to recognize the key points outlined above about the potential mental health risks associated with cannabis use. By understanding these risks—disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, social anxiety, and suicidal thoughts—we can make more informed decisions and prioritize our mental well-being. Stay informed and consider these important factors when thinking about cannabis use.



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