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DHS-BH Workforce Equity Capacity Building Provider Survey

DHS and the Behavioral Health Workforce Equity Capacity Building Project is seeking to gather feedback from diverse communities and behavioral health providers in order to create learning opportunities, learning resources, and develop recommendations that will support Minnesota’s behavioral health community to provide programs and services that are both equitable and responsive to the community’s needs. Your feedback and ideas will be used to better support providers and organizations to implement learning, adopt and sustain new practices, and change organizational culture.

Your participation in this process is voluntary. If you choose not to take part, it will have no effect on your relationships with our agency.  Responses to the assessment are anonymous and no identifying information will be linked to your responses. Your privacy will be protected, and your name will not be used in any report. All data obtained will only be reported in the aggregate form (by reporting only combined results and never reporting individual ones).

The assessment should take about 10-15 minutes to complete but the total time may vary by individual. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any questions or additional comments, you may contact Mikki Maruska at

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