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Tobacco Prevention

It can be tough quitting smoking, however the longer term health benefits are great.  #NKISSHIC[0]=AZVLCRQ-6Brhc_7BoMPNWXME40ZO-K5_j2AzfML3Qimlhftu4KnE3UkENJecvx0-JS5MgzCeSz87lZkOYQFAvWtBQMz0-Ci3ZZBgATMmVF4kBfg9guM-8nhZsJvSFO2jFvs57A-6moWA9xNApQN7Wc9J3RAHtQiQ0MfpieQj0sNaEM9O87ed2J1pbCR17nEBRFM&tn=NKF

The Need to Push beyond White Comfort

by Resmaa Menakem  We need to offer some context to the work and the recommendations made in this document. Whenever topics such as inequities, diversity, and inclusion are discussed, it is important that we start with the awareness that the terms we use and the concepts we address are steeped in paradigm.  We want to […]

DHS-BH Workforce Equity Capacity Building Provider Survey

DHS and the Behavioral Health Workforce Equity Capacity Building Project is seeking to gather feedback from diverse communities and behavioral health providers in order to create learning opportunities, learning resources, and develop recommendations that will support Minnesota’s behavioral health community to provide programs and services that are both equitable and responsive to the community’s needs. […]

Behavioral Health Workforce Equity Capacity Building Project

The Minnesota Department of Human Services, Abdi Ali, Asian Media Access, Increasing Life, Changes 4 You, Turning Point, Youth Leadership Solutions, and Social Motion are partnering with state-wide community organizations and behavioral health providers to reduce disparities and inequities experienced by priority populations in Minnesota’s mental health and treatment settings. By June 30, 2020, this […]