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American Indians

Minnesota is home to about 60,916 American Indians. There are around 11 known Indian tribes within Minnesota today. Majority of American Indians currently live in the cities, and about 30% of them are in poverty.


Many American Indians speak English, but some may speak their native language. The American Indian language that is most known to be spoken in Minnesota is Ojibwa.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

About 33% of American Indians are uninsured. Some barriers American Indians face is that they are treated poorly, in poverty, and their cultural beliefs. American Indians strongly believe in their cultural practices and traditions. American Indians have many cultural ceremonies that help promote their health. 

Social Hierarchy:

Having a close direct and extended family is very important amongst American Indians. American Indian elders are greatly respected by the American Indian community. The fathers are usually dominant over the wife and children. The mother usually takes over the house chores and nurtures the children.


Some American Indians have adapted to the American food lifestyle. Although this is true, there are many that still make traditional American Indian dishes. Usually their diets consist of nuts, grains, and corn. Some of the traditional American Indian dishes are; Buffalo Stew with Hearty Vegetables, Algonquin Nut Soup, and Savory Baked Pumpkin.


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