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Minnesota is home to many Africans. Africans are people who immigrated into the U.S. from African origins. Around 30% of Africans are living in poverty within Minnesota.


Many Africans can speak an African language, the language depends on which African country they immigrated from. Most Africans are also able to speak english and other languages. African elders typically aren’t as fluent in English as the younger generations are.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

Africans About 5% of Africans in MN are uninsured. Some barriers that Africans face are poor medical care, genetic race, and social factors. Africans believe strongly in spiritual powers. They believe their ancestors and cultural history affects the health of a person. Most Africans prefer to use traditional health solutions, rather than modern medicine.

Social Hierarchy:

Family is very important to Africans. Many African households are multigenerational, including extended family. Elders are highly respected by anyone younger than them. They are also very wise and have lots of wisdom through their many years of experience. African households try to teach their children to respect others and to work hard.


Although many Africans have adapted into the American fast-food lifestyle, there are still many that cook traditional dishes. Many of the African traditional dishes include beans, grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Some of the popular traditional African dishes are; Piri Piri Chicken, Muamba de Galinha, and Zanzibari Biryanis and Pilaus.


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