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About 7% of Minnesotans are veterans. Many veterans suffer from trauma and other disorders from serving in the military, navy or air force. This causes high risks of homelessness, mental health problems, and PTSD. Around 6% of veterans are in poverty or are homeless.

Medical Care/Barriers:

Many MN veterans do not have access to affordable healthcare, which is one of the main reasons for not having health insurance. Many veterans suffer from PTSD, mental illnesses, substance abuse and physical injuries, but cannot afford to treat it. They are in need of access to health insurance to get their regular check-ups and to pay for medications.

Social Hierarchy:

Minnesota is very welcoming towards veterans. For the past 15 years, Minnesota has hosted live Veterans Day events. They have a lot of love and support from family and friends, alongside the community.

Life Expectancy: 

The life expectancy ranges from 20-85 years old. This varies due to the branch the veteran served in. The life expectancy of veterans varies and is not predictable.


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