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African Americans

There are about 317,130 African Americans living in Minnesota. African Americans are people who have origins connected to Africa. They are one of the largest racial group in Minnesota today.


Majority of African Americans born in the U.S. are able to speak english proficiently. But some African Americans may speak other African languages as their primary language, especially in their homes. 

Medical Care/Barriers:

About 5% of African Americans are uninsured. This may cause long ongoing medical complications. African American women have a higher chance of dealing with cancers such as; breast, cervical, or other cancers. African Americans may also deal with health complications such as; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIVs/AIDS and STIs, and more. Some barriers that may prevent African Americans from getting checked-up regularly is because they may feel discriminated against by some of the doctors or other staff. 

Social Hierarchy:

Many African Americans are very close bonded to their family and friends. They may also refer to close friends that are not directly blood-related to as family members. This practice came from their ancestors which arised during the American Slavery.


The African American diet varies, depending on their religion and lifestyle. Many have adapted the American Diet which consists of fast and processed food. Many also have chosen to become vegetarians or vegans to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.Some African Americans may also cook cultural food that consists of a variety of vegetables.


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