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Bhutan is a very diverse country where there are many different languages spoken. Many Bhutanese are able to speak Nepali. Some other languages Bhutanese are able to speak are; Hindi, Dzongkha and English.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

About 10% of Bhutanese don’t have medical insurance. Some medical barriers Bhutanese may face is that they don’t take care of their medical illnesses or mental health problems. They believe that speaking about health topics are inappropriate. Majority of Bhutanese prefer to use traditional healing methods instead of modern medicine.

Social Hierarchy:

Many Bhutanese believes in a close family. Aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members are considered their immediate family. Bhutanese households also often live in multigenerational homes. Men are often considered the power over the women and children of the house.


Many Bhutanese have adapted the American Fast-Food lifestyle, which has caused an increase of medical complications. Although this is true, there are still many traditional dishes made, such as; Jasha Maroo, Momos, and Phaksha Paa.

Life Expectancy:

The average life expectancy of Bhutanese are 72.2 years.


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