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Many Asian Indians are able to speak Hindi. They also can speak English and other languages such as; Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and more.

Medical Care/Medical Barriers/Medical Beliefs:

Only about 3% of Asian Indians are uninsured (without health insurance). Asian Indians have the highest rates of receiving and attaining health insurance, compared to other Asian/Pacific Islander Ethnicities. Some medical barriers that Asian Indians face may be; poor medical care/treatment, biological barriers, or others.

Some Asian Indians believe that they don’t need to seek medical attention. They believe that natural herbs and medicines will heal them of their sickness. This may cause ongoing sicknesses to continue on for a long period of time.

Social Hierarchy:

An Asian Indian home usually consists of multigenerations. Elders are usually to be respected by anyone of a younger age. Asian Indian women often don’t come in physical contact with other men. Asian Indians also find touching others with their feet or shoes disrespectful.


Diets look different for every Asian Indian family. This can be caused by their lifestyle, religion, or both. Many Asian Indians are vegetarians, but many are also meat eaters. Although few Asian Indians have adapted the American Fast-Food lifestyle, many still make traditional foods. Some Asian Indian dishes that are popular are; Papdi Chaat, Murgh Makhani, and Chole.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of an Asian Indian is about 78.9 years old.


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