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Talking With Your Child About Marijuana

Talking with your child about substance abuse may not always be an easy thing to do, however it is important to have this conversation with openness, honesty and empathy. It’s never too early have the conversation about marijuana use and the risks and effects it has on ones health. It may be helpful to discuss why some people use drugs such as marijuana, and why others choose not to use. Be direct and clear that it is illegal for minors to possess marijuana. Encourage your child to ask questions, express their thoughts and concerns, and let them know that you are there to support them in making healthy decisions in life.

Risks in child marijuana use include:

  • Issues with attention, problem solving, learning and memory.
  • Lack of balance and coordination
  • Poor judgement and decision making
  • Poor school performance

You can play a major role in preventing your child from abusing marijuana by having open honest and short talks. Its important to remind them of health risks and their futures, and how using marijuana may hinder their progress in becoming successful adults.



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