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The impact of anti-Asian racism on routine activities and mental health among Korean American older adults and their caregivers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic the escalated incidence of hate crimes towards Asian American individuals and their communities has escalated causing, anxiety, fear, and vulnerability. Anti-Asian racism has had a significant impact on Asian-American senior adults and their caregivers in many ways. Typical daily routines have become difficult, as the constant threat of discrimination, or violence has become large. Heightened levels of stress has lead to fear, anxiety, depression, and social isolation among the Asian American communities. Those who are caregivers are left with a great responsibility of taking care of their loved ones, also experienced more stress and anxiety which has a negative impact on their own mental health. The impact of Anti-Asian racism on Korean American older adults, and their caregivers highlights the urgent need for extensive measures to address racism, promote inclusivity, and provide support for these vulnerable populations.

A survey was used as one of the primary methods of gathering data from 175 Korean American older adults and their primary caregivers ( females=62%, mean age=71 years). The results were that nearly a quarter of the screening participants were fearful for their lives due to Anti-Asian racism related to the pandemic. Whats more is that an a large 47% of respondents indicated changes to routine activities due to Anti-Asian racism and discrimination related to Covid-19. People who reported changes to their daily activities were 5 times more likely to also report negative mental health symptoms. Studies have shown that increased reporting of Anti-Asian racism during the Covid-19 pandemic has substantially affected the older Korean American adults, as well as their caregivers. Findings noted the importance of identifying multilevel strategies to race awareness of and diminish the reported increases of racism.



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