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Our communities are diverse, our cultures and our identities make up who we are. In order for our BIPOC communities to heal, grow, and thrive, we must have the proper resources. It is crucial of us as a community to have a global and bicultural view, we must not only focus on ourselves, but also focus on our neighbors. We have to bring love, healing energies and non violence to the core of our goals. By promoting healing as a community, and within our communities, we are able to help future generations in numerous ways. Below are some resources for BIPOC communities:


  • The Black Mental Health Alliance
  • BEAM, Black Emotional And Mental Health Collective
  • Therapy For Black Girls
  • LatinX Therapy
  • South Asian Therapist| Mental Health Therapist and Counseling
  • Ayana Therapy
  • We R Native
  • NAMI Minnesota
  • DeQH
  • The Steve Fund


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