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Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking tobacco during pregnancy is a serious public health problem due to its negative affects on fetal development and the health of the mother in pregnancy. During this time, it is important for mothers to focus on cessation of smoking, quitting smoking programs may be useful, and educating oneself on the risks associated with smoking tobacco during pregnancy. One of the serious risks of smoking during pregnancy is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or (SIDS). Even being around cigarette smoke can cause health issues for the mother and her baby. Quitting smoking before pregnancy is best, however if you are already pregnant then quitting is still a great choice for your health and the health of the baby. It is never too late to quit smoking tobacco and improve your health. Smoking tobacco may also cause fertility related issues for both mother and father. Smoking can affect the baby directly in many ways such as :

  • The baby may be born too early, and too small, because smoking slows the babies growth rate.
  • Premature Birth is also an issue, if born too early then there may be other health problems for the baby.
  • Smoking can damage the babies brain and lungs, the damage can last into teen years and adult years.
  • Smoking during pregnancy raises your risk for abnormal bleeding.
  • Smoking during pregnancy raises the babies risk for abnormal birth defects.
  • Babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy, and babies who are around second hand smoke after being born are at great risk for SIDS.



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