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Community and Mental Health

There are many great benefits community can serve in ones mental health. As social beings we need some amount of social interaction, and finding that perfect balance is important to us. Community takes away the loneliness, removes isolation, and gives us the support we need to function throughout our lives. When one is stressed, struggles with mental health conditions, or just simply needs to speak to another individual our group, community makes it possible.

The benefits of community:

  • Belonging
  • Support
  • Purpose

Community can provide us belonging, support, and also purpose. These three elements are crucial for ones well-being and mental health. By searching within our selves, in our inner-being, we are able to find what matters most to us, and in doing so seek like minded communities with same values. Having shared interests such as gardening, arts, and crafts may also serve as a foundation for communities. Belief also serves as a great foundation for communities. By sharing beliefs, lifestyle, spiritual practices and goals, a community can live, heal and gain spiritual insights together.


Humans are designed for social interactions. It is important that we all find the right amount of social interaction we need to stay healthy. Having a community as a social support can help us to build a strong sense of acceptance and love, and work on maintaining healthy and balanced mental-health. When a community joins, loves and promotes peace, much healing is done.



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