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Get Mental Health Help, Don’t Cope with Vaping


Vaping has been rising in popularity amongst youth and adults alike. Many youth who pick up vaping are also more likely to try or use tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and possibly other substances. Although vaping may be slightly less dangerous than smoking tobacco, it still is more dangerous than not using anything at all. Vape products use an oil that is laced with nicotine which is highly addictive. The CDC did a study in which they found that 99% of e-cigarettes in the USA contain nicotine, some vapes and e-cigarettes that are labeled as containing 0% nicotine actually have been found to contain it as well. Vapes and e-cigarettes are not harmless, they are not 100% water and not healthy or good for our bodies. E-cigarettes and vapes not only contain the addictive nicotine, but they also contain other harmful and cancer causing chemicals, volatile chemical compounds, flavoring chemicals that lead to lung disease, and ultra fine particles than can harm our health.


  • Vaping can lead to a decline in the health of both youth and adults
  • Vaping is not healthier than smoking tobacco products
  • Vaping and smoking alike both carry health risks
  • Vaping can lead to youth nicotine addiction and substance use addiction
  • Vaping can damage the lungs, cause cancer, and affect the mental development in youth up to ages 25
  • Youth may develop nicotine poisoning from vaping


It has been concluded that the use of e-cigarettes and vapes are not healthy, nor is one better than the other. Both vaping and smoking can lead to long term health consequences from lung cancer to developmental issues and addiction. If ingested it may also lead to nicotine poisoning and that can be dangerous for youth. It is important that we raise more awareness on the real risks of vape and tobacco use in our communities so that we can prevent nicotine, vape, and tobacco related health issues and deaths.

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