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Quitting Vaping

Vaping has become a popular alternative to using tobacco products. The traditional method is usually by chew, cigarette, cigar, cigarillo etc. Although it may seem like an innocent alternative, their are still risks that can damage the health. Studies have shown that quitting vaping can sometimes be even more difficult than quitting cigarettes, and also vaping may be 2 times more addictive as well. Individuals who pick up vaping before age 25 may have a harder time quitting than those who start later. The chemicals in vapes can harm brain development, learning and memory.

Why Quit?

Consider your health, the health of your brain, your learning and also your wallet. Vaping can be a very expensive habit, not just an unhealthy one. The CDC has reported an outbreak of EVALI ( E-cigarette or vaping product associated lung injury) in which almost 3,000 cases have been reported in 2020. Patients who were seen with breathing issues in the hospitals were also using vapes.

How To Quit

As with any addiction, vaping may be challenging to quit however the reward is a healthy body and mind. It may be a good idea to lay out a plan, and slowly work towards your goal of giving up tobacco products and vaping. Knowing why you vape may also be a helpful start in quitting. Some people may also talk with their health care providers in seeking professional help with quitting. Avoiding all tobacco products all together is another good strategy in quitting vaping. Many people who have started vaping were actually cigarette smokers who were looking for an alternative to quitting smoking tobacco.


There are many useful tools, resources and strategies in quitting vaping and finding the right method that works for you is important. Realizing the negative health impact vaping has on ones body, and the health risks it poses to others in the room, or space is also important. Seeking professional help is a good choice for individuals who may have a very difficult time with vaping addiction, practicing meditation and healthy living is also a good start.



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