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Edibles Not As Safe As You Think

Marijuana is a drug that has become legal for recreational use in several states across the US. Although marijuana is considered a softer drug than heroine and other similar drugs, it still has the risks that are damaging to ones mental and physical health. Marijuana is used for the high it gives, this high comes from the chemical component THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana users smoke, vape, and also eat marijuana for its effects. One common method of use is to use the marijuana in ” Gummies” or “Edibles” which are candy like and infused with marijuana. Using edibles are not as safe as you may think, they pose a risk of THC poisoning.


  • Young and older adults are at greater risk of THC poisoning
  • Ingested cannabis must be digested first before being absorbed
  • Because of this delay many inexperienced users may overconsume

“Overconsumption is a significant concern because of the delayed time to onset of its intended effects. Unlike inhaled cannabis, ingested cannabis must be digested first before being absorbed, and once it has been ingested, it’s on board, which means people might not feel effects immediately and hence inadvertently overconsume,” 

Dr. Lawrence Loh, MPH, an author of the research and faculty member at the University of Toronto.


Marijuana affects everyone differently, some peoples bodies may tolerate the substance better while others may not. Using THC infused food or edibles poses the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular issues, THC induced psychosis, and THC poisoning which can be quite severe in children. Edibles may also lead to Hyperemesis Syndrome and uncontrollable vomiting in youth. Educating our communities about the risks and hazards involved with substance abuse is essential at preventing more THC related health problems.



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