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Effects of Marijuana Use on Impulsivity and Hostility in Daily Life

Many young people, and adults use marijuana, however it is becoming quite common amongst the youth in particular. Researchers studies have shown that chronic marijuana use may lead to a spike in impulsivity and hostility, however it is still yet unclear how recreational marijuana use affects users day to day experiences. In one study, 43 participants without a substance dependency reported on their alcohol, tobacco and recreational marijuana use. They also reported their impulsivity and their interpersonal hostility over the course of 14 days, with responses being analyzed by multilevel modeling. The results revealed an increase on impulsivity on the same day and the following day of marijuana use relative to days marijuana was not used, independent of alcohol use. Studies also show that marijuana use was associated with an increase of hostile behaviors and perceptions of hostility in others on the same day of use. It is concluded that marijuana use is associated with impulse control and hostility in daily life. With an increase of recreational marijuana use in young adults and legalization in some states, further studies must be conducted on the consequences of marijuana use in young adults daily lives.


Although marijuana may be legal in some states, used for medicines and recreational use, it is still not safe due to the toxic chemicals and potency of THC. There is always a risk when using a substance such as marijuana, some risks include cancer, mental cognitive decline and THC poisoning. It is important to seek help for quitting marijuana use or addiction. By quitting marijuana use you empower yourself to live a life that is fuller, healthy and balanced.



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