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Marijuana and Heart Health

Marijuana can have any effects on the heart, varying from short-term to long-term implications. Marijuana can lead to an increased heart rate when consumed, which can lead to further complications for those who have preexisting cardiovascular issues. Marijuana use can also cause the blood pressure to fluctuate which can increase the strain on the heart. Acute marijuana use may not cause serious problems, however for chronic marijuana users there is a higher chance of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, particularly in older users or those with preexisting heart conditions. To understand further on how marijuana effects the heart more research must be done. It is also important that individuals take caution and consider their health before using marijuana.


  • Marijuana use can lead to increased heart rate
  • Marijuana use can strain the heart
  • Marijuana use can cause issues with preexisting heart conditions
  • There is higher chance of cardiovascular events for users with preexisting cardiovascular issues
  • Marijuana can cause the blood pressure to fluctuate


Marijuana can effect the heart in many ways. It’s important to quit and live a healthy and mindful lifestyle. By quitting marijuana use you improve your health and take the strain off your heart, lowering the chance of a major cardiovascular event.



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