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What Are the 5 Top Stressors in Life?

We all encounter stress at some point in our lives, it’s actually a normal part of life. Stress is something that we all experience differently, sometimes it can be brought on by financial issues, new job, moving to a new home or relationship difficulties. It’s important to note that stress is temporary, and with healthy stress relief practices we can conquer whatever stressful event life tosses at us.

“Chronic day-to-day stress (as opposed to acute stress) can affect your health—for example, causing digestive issues, inflammation, a weakened immune system, sleep issues, anxiety, and sexual problems.”


Here is Verywellminds list of the top 5 stressors in life.

1. The death of a loved one.

When it comes to losing a loved one there is no right or wrong way to feel. Those who have lost a loved one must remember to take time to process, heal, and seek professional counseling. Opening up to friends and family about your feelings of grief can prove beneficial in healing and moving forward.

2.Divorce or separation.

Divorce or separation is another major cause of stress. The nature of these events also have a legal component, which adds more stress to those experiencing divorce or separation. By focusing on loving yourself, accepting your emotions, and learning to let go, you can reduce stress and live a rich life.


Moving can be incredibly stressful, and even more so if you’re moving because of a natural disaster, fire, or other reasons. For some people, stress may even be quite traumatic, making the even more difficult for the person. When dealing with huge changes such as a move it is important to keep centered and remember that stress is a normal part of moving. Staying organized, asking family and friends for help will also reduce some stress.

4.Long term-illness.

There is an interdependent relationship between illness and stress. Chronic stress actually weakens your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to becoming sick. Stress can also raise the risk of diabetes, ulcers, and other conditions in certain individuals. Learning about your illness, taking care of yourself, and seeking counseling are all beneficial at reducing stress.

5.Job loss.

Losing a job can be incredibly stressful, causing many to feel shame and guilt. Not to mention the added extra layer of financial stress that comes with losing a job. During times like this it is crucial to first accept what has happened, validate your feelings, and reach out to your support network.


No matter where you are in life, stress sneaks up on us all. It’s seemingly unavoidable, and proven to be a disease in those who experience chronic stress. Stress weakens our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to becoming ill. When we can improve our mental health coping strategies, we can reduce our response to stress, and live a more skillful, wise, healthy and balanced life.



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