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Best Non-Medical Ways to Quit Smoking

Many smokers want to quit but find it difficult to do so, research shows that smokers that want to quit are around 70%. Although nicotine is highly addictive there are support tools available to help smokers to quit. If you’d like non medication tools for quitting smoking, there are several tools available. There are in person support groups, telephone coaches and text based messaging apps, all of which can help you to quit smoking.

Best Non-Medical Ways to Quit Smoking of 2023

It’s important that you talk with your health care provider to find the best treatment options for you. Everyone is different and treatments may not be the same for every individual. Research shows that even after treatment some individuals may pick up smoking again, this is mainly due to urges and shifts in ones mood. Quitting smoking is a journey and takes effort, however with good support you will be able to put an end to tobacco use.



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