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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BLOG DISCUSSION #1 – Complete Street Model will be included in the former Sears’ Site design, so neighbors can go to their everyday destinations through all modes.

STRATEGY INTRO: Increase policies, plans and community design changes through China Garden, Minneapolis Open Streets and St. Paul Sears Redevelopment to better connect residents to everyday destination to live/work/play, and provide safe, culturally based places for increasing physical activities.

Asian Media Access has taken the lead to plan for the former Sears’ Site, we envision streets are designed for all people, with a network of safe and slow speed streets serving pedestrians and cyclists while allowing vehicular access. By treating the project site’s streets as flexible community spaces and pathways for multi-modal transportation, we can enhance mobility, safety, and access for all. We would urge to include design standards for safe and active sidewalks, flexible street spaces, bike friendly corridors, new and improved crosswalks, and infrastructure for enhanced public transportation options.


The various street typologies established in the Street Design should allow for maximum flexibility that creates room for special events such as festivals and farmers markets that may need additional space for program activation. And the main road will be curved to decrease speeds.


Protected sidewalks and car-free multi-use paths come together to create a network of active sidewalks that are safe and accessible to the community. These paths traverse the entire Sears Site and intersect with vehicular roadways with new and improved crosswalks design for a seamless crossing experience. Ample space and shade trees allow for spill out dining and retail, creating a vibrant and interesting pedestrian experience.


A new Transit Center is located at the edge of the Sears Site, running alongside Rice Street. The Transit Center allows for enhanced transit options provided by BRT, connecting the site to the region via alternative modes of transportation.


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