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NUTRITION BLOG DISCUSSION #1 – Planning an Asian Fermented Food Workshop

STRATEGY INTRO: Increase policies, plans and community design changes through China Garden, Minneapolis Open Streets and St. Paul Sears Redevelopment to better connect residents to everyday destination to live/work/play, and provide safe, culturally based places for increasing physical activities.

Asian Media Access is planning an educational workshop with Dr. Andres Gomez from University of MN. Please check back often for more updates.

  • Workshop Title: Asian Fermented Food – Exploring the science behind Chinese’s stinky tofu, Japanese’s natto, and Korean’s kimchi.
  • Workshop Description: Encourage the consumption of culturally led fermentation foods. Fermented fruits and vegetables have been traditional dietary staples across various cultures worldwide, and because of their history and health benefits, they align with the “food as medicine” concept, and with foods that are intimately linked to the cultures of various Asian communities in the US.

Promoting the transformation of fruits and vegetables through culturally-specific fermented foods in our communities can bring local farmers and community members together by sharing knowledge and experiences on how fermentation can increase the nutritional value, taste, and shelf life of different plant-based foods. Community-led fermentation programs can make fermented fruits and vegetables valuable, readily available and culturally-specific food resources to boost nutritional security and foster the prevention of chronic and infectious diseases.


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