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Impacts of medical and non-medical cannabis on the health of older adults

The impact of medical cannabis varies across different patient conditions. In the case of older adults, existing evidence indicates that cannabis usage may correlate with increased occurrences of mental health problems, substance misuse, and acute healthcare utilization, with an uncertain balance of benefits and risks. Research incorporating a comprehensive evaluation of both advantages and drawbacks could help in crafting informed public health communications, aiming to counteract the marketing pressures targeting cannabis use among older populations.

Findings reported in population-based studies and studies of healthy older adults:

~Image from the National Library of Medicine

It is crucial for older populations to avoid marijuana use due to various factors that can significantly impact their health. Age-related declines in cognitive function, alongside structural changes in the brain, may exacerbate with cannabis use, potentially leading to worsened memory, attention, and executive function. Moreover, older adults often contend with polypharmacy, increasing the risk of harmful drug interactions with cannabis.

Heritage Vocabulary:

1.大麻 (dàmá) – Marijuana (jiànkāng) – Health

3.戒烟 (jièyān) – Quit smoking

4.预防 (yùfáng) – Prevention

5.清醒 (qīngxǐng) – Sobriety



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