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Preventing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in the Home

There is no safe amount of secondhand vape exposure, and the home is a primary place where children and adults inhale it. To protect yourself and others, do not vape or allow vaping in your home or car, and encourage family members to quit. Smoke and vape emissions can linger in a room for hours, and opening windows or using fans and air purifiers does not eliminate the danger. Vaping in another room does not shield others from harm, as secondhand emissions can travel through doorways, walls, and ventilation systems. In apartment buildings, these emissions can spread between units. Banning all tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, in your home not only sets a good example for young people but also protects non-users from harmful substances in e-cigarette aerosol. Quit vaping today and inspire others to do the same, considering the serious risks of secondhand vape exposure.

CDC’s What To Know

  • You can take steps to protect yourself and those around you from exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • The best protection is to not smoke or let anyone smoke in your home or car.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, the best decision you can make for your health and your family’s health is to quit.

Consider the health of both yourself and those around you: quit vaping and using vape products today. Secondhand vape exposure poses significant risks, lingering in the air and spreading through homes and apartment buildings, putting everyone at risk. Protect your loved ones by banning vaping in your home and car, and set a positive example for young people. The harmful substances in e-cigarette aerosol can cause serious health issues, so take a stand now to create a healthier, safer environment for everyone. Your decision to quit can inspire others to follow suit, making a meaningful impact on the well-being of your community.

The Minnesota tobacco flavor ban aims to protect youth from the harmful effects of flavored tobacco products.


电子烟不能帮助戒烟!- E-cigarettes can not help you to quit smoking!


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